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feel for FIT PROTEIN 35% protein bar

Original price 1.750 JD - Original price 1.750 JD
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1.750 JD
1.750 JD - 1.750 JD
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- A solid portion of protein (35%), high fiber and only 1.6 g of sugar will make it a satiating and healthy snack alternative, right at any time of your day.

- Milk proteins break down in the proportion of 20% whey and 80% casein, which ensures a longer time of amino acid delivery and has an anti-catabolic effect, the presence of collagen positively affects the joints and skin, and soy - to lower the level of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis

- A surprisingly crispy and at the same time soft consistency, as well as excellent taste will provide you with a pleasant experience, -35% protein (muscle building, satiety, body weight control).
- No added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars 1.6 g in a bar).
- High fiber content improves metabolism.
- Casein provides a longer delivery time of amino acids and works anti-catabolic.
- Collagen strengthens the joints and skin.
- Whey the source of the full amino acid profile.
- Soy reduces the level of bad cholesterol and has anti-atherogenic effects.
- Without trans fats.