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You Can Trust!
You Can Trust!

Yoga mat + Jump rope + Massage ball + Power loop + Slider

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Current price 49.000 JD
Yoga Mat.
  • Environmental protection, PER material which provides a more comfortable yoga exercise experience while ensuring a balanced body.
Jump rope.
  • It's a very efficient tool for cardio, burns lots of calories, strengthens coordination and bone density, and can reduce your risk of injuries and heart disease.
Massage ball. 
  • great deep tool for stretching. The whole point behind using a ball is that you penetrate deep into the belly of the muscle or tendon which stretches it.
Power loop.
  • It's a great training tool to activate and strengthen muscles. Also, it can be used to add additional resistance to exercises in order to improve strength, muscular endurance, and postural balance.
  • Exercise sliders engage the core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge.