MMA Conditioning Specialization

MMA Conditioning Specialization

Take your career into a whole new arena! NASM Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialists:

  • Condition clients of all skill levels with the MMA training techniques employed by top MMA fighters
  • Boost their reputation and career by capitalizing on the growing popularity of MMA
  • Increase their client base and income by working in group MMA settings
  • Provide nutritional and
✔ Module 1: Introduction to the Training Camp Program
✔ Module 2: MMA Sciences
✔ Module 3: Human Performance Testing and Evaluation
✔ Module 4: Integrated Program Design for MMA Training
✔ Module 5: Integrated Training Components and Exercise Technique
✔ Module 6: Injury Prevention and Movement Prep Programs
✔ Module 7: Coaching and Program Implementation
✔ Module 8: Nutrition and Supplementation
✔ Module 9: Business Development
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