Spin Exercise Bike

Spin Exercise Bike
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Bringing the Gym to Your Home!



  • Smooth and Quiet Ride:

Experience the ultimate workout with our HyGYM Spin Exercise Bike. The 8kg electroplated flywheel, coupled with a belt drive, ensures a smooth and quiet ride. Control the tension manually with the easily accessible knob on the crossbar, providing personalised resistance.

  • Easy-to-Read Console:

Stay informed during your workout with the conveniently placed computer between the handlebars. One-button adjustment allows quick changes, and the attached bottle holder ensures you stay hydrated throughout your session.

  • Customisable Comfort:

Adjust the saddle and handlebars effortlessly to find the perfect position for your body, therefore reducing strain and maximising your workout efficiency. The rear suspension system eases transitions, while the saddle’s versatile adjustments protect your spine.

  • Power Up Your Cardio:

Enter a new era of cardio with our Exercise Bike. Harness your energy as well as you track progress as you convert it into power, offering an extra motivational boost to your fitness journey.

  • Safe and Secure:

Pedals featuring straps and toe clips ensure a secure grip, furthermore preventing calf and ankle strain as you build speed effectively. This HyGYM Exercise Bike is a discreet yet powerful piece of equipment, ideal for your home gym.

  • Glide Into Any Space:

Effortlessly glide this versatile spin bike to any corner of your home gym or workout space, enhancing the convenience of your fitness routine. Because of its lightweight construction, you can quickly adjust your exercise area to suit your preferences. Whether it’s a sunny spot by the window or a dedicated workout corner. Transitioning between workouts is a breeze, thanks to the bike’s mobility and manoeuvrability, allowing you to switch exercises seamlessly and maintain your momentum. 


  •  Max load 150Kg
  • Advanced digital LCD
  • 24 month warranty
  • 8Kg Electroplated flywheel


Weight: 28kg

Height: 120cm

Length: 100cm

Width: 51cm 

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